Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing is a form of cultural dance which is rich in tradition and ethnicity.  Promoting Irish heritage through the Irish language, music and dance is an important part of the Smart Angels curriculum.  

Children of Montessori age love Irish Dancing for the fun of it and while they are learning the steps to Reels, they are building co-ordination, memory, flexibility, good posture, strength and stamina, as well as building self esteem and confidence. Irish dancing will help your child to keep fit and give them the “feel good factor”.

Dancing involves using use both sides of your brain: one half for technique and control and the other for creativity and artistry. Dance can therefore increase brain productivity and increase their attention spans.

Irish Dancing will give your child a sense of pride and confidence in their own abilities while showing them how to work collaboratively with each other as we work towards a special show for you at the end of the year on Graduation Day.

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